Buying Corals Online: Good Reasons to Buy Online

Buying Corals Online: Good Reasons to Buy Online

The world has moved toward online shopping for nearly everything. How about corals? Here are good reasons to buy corals online.

It’s Easy

You can shop in your pajamas!

It really is easy to shop online. You can do it at any time of the day or night. You can compare prices easily. You can check back as often as you’d like to see new corals - and if you sign up for our emails you’ll get stock announcements and sale information in your inbox.

We’ve Made It Easier

There can be some friction to buying online. We’ve bought products, for instance, that were comically small more than once when shopping on Amazon – despite trying to guard against this very problem.

We’ve tackled some of those frictions as we’ve built Corals Direct.

We’ve made online coral buying easier:

  • We list multiple photos of most corals so you can get a very good understanding of the coral you’re about to buy.
  • We photograph our corals under light mixtures that give you a realistic view, with true-to-life coloration, of what you can expect.
  • We use a standard-sized 2x2 tile for most corals that about so you can tell how big each coral is.
  • We ship priority overnight (M-W ship days) so the corals have the best chance to survive and thrive through the rigors of shipping.
  • We guarantee our corals. Have a problem? Call us or email us.
  • We are here to help. Have a question, comment or problem? Call us or email us.

We’re Real People

Some sellers have real live people who WANT to speak with you. Guess what? We do! We love talking to you.

We’d love for you to call us or email us with questions, comments or problems.

We’re real people caring for corals, building out this website, and expanding our selection of interesting, hearty, and healthy corals - and we’re hellbent on getting rid of them by sending them to you.

You Can Get Great Corals

We have an ever-changing selection of great corals for sale. You can buy both inexpensive and rare corals. You can buy both small and large corals. You can buy LPS, SPS, soft corals and other things like anemones and oddball stuff from time to time.

You can get great corals, at good prices, packed well, delivered priority overnight, sent with love, direct from our tanks to yours.

Call us, email us, or place an order any time (in your pajamas or whatever) at


About Us:

We sell a growing selection of aquacultured and hand-selected frags and colonies.

We built Corals Direct to serve you! Let us know how we can help you grow excellent corals in your own slice of reef.