We Started Corals Direct

We Started Corals Direct

Corals Direct is the collaborative effort of two families to build something good for the reef keeping community. It is a result of our passion for reef keeping spiraling out of control - for the forces of good!

We have a few decades of reef-keeping experience, including experience selling corals in old-fashioned retail stores and online. We leveraged our experience and passion to build Corals Direct.

There are a number of good coral sellers, and we thing there is rom for another; An online store that is honest, approachable and decently priced; One that has great corals, and that delivery them with care; One that cares for the corals and for you - from the new reef keeper, to the experienced, and folks in the trade too.

We'll be growing - working everyday at improving our offerings and service.

Check back often, buy some corals with us, and talk with us any time. We'd love to hear from you.

- The Corals Direct Team, mail@coralsdirect.com