Our Guarantee

We’re here to provide you with excellent corals. We want to hear from you if there is a problem.

If corals are damaged or dead on arrival, send us an email with photos of the corals under daylight-condition lighting as soon as possible after delivery. We may ask for additional supporting information or photographs. We will evaluate each request on a case by case basis. We will work with you to replace, refund, or credit you for the portion of the damaged order as appropriate.

We send corals that are healthy, happy and growing. If they don’t look like it, then we want to hear about it. If something happened during shipping, then we want to hear about it. If the corals don’t do well in your tank, then we want to hear about it. We work to be partners in reefing and would like to keep working with you (and selling you happy corals!), so we’d like to figure what we can do to have happy corals from our tanks thrive in yours.

Contact us any time: mail@coralsdirect.com