Sell Your Corals To Us

Do you have big, happy colonies that you’d like to sell? Sell them to us.

Send us some photos from multiple angles, and multiple light settings if possible. Include descriptions with the name (if you have it), size and length of time in your tank. Tell us a little more about yourself, like your history in reef keeping, your favorite color, and where you live.

We’ll make you an offer. If you decide to sell to us we’ll follow up with shipping information.

Here’s some of the terms of this deal:

  • You agree to take risk in representing your corals to us and in shipping your corals to us. We’ll evaluate the health of the corals when we receive them and make a final determination on price at that time, including the possibility that we can’t offer you anything for them. To ensure the best possible outcome be as accurate and honest as you can with your photos, and ship the corals as carefully and quickly as you can. We’re straight shooters, but we need to be in receipt of healthy corals that match what we’re expecting in order to complete the sale. If you are concerned about this policy we suggest that you start with a smaller sale and then sell more to us in the future.
  • We cannot return any corals that are shipped to us.
  • We’ll give you 2 offers: One for cash and one for credit with Corals Direct.
  • Offers are valid for 14 days, which is counted from the day that we send you the offer email until the day that we receive the corals.
  • We’ll send you payment, or make store credit available to you, 14 days after we receive the corals in good order.
  • We must agree on your proposed delivery date by email so that you know when to send the corals and we know when to expect them.

We do this to be partners in the reef keeping community, to provide a resource for successful reef keepers, and to support sustainable coral sourcing – including happy, tank-raised specimens. This is not the easiest way to source corals nor the least expensive, but we think it’s worth doing. We hope you do too.

Get started by sending us an email: